Come Journey With Me

Book Cover: Come Journey With Me
Editions:Hardcover - Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
ISBN: 9781504991230
Size: 6x9 in
Pages: 76
PDF - eBook
ISBN: 9781504991247
Size: 6x9 in
Pages: 76

Mr. Peter Cole’s book has a well-deserved reputation for being captivating and classy. A visit here is a real voyage of discovery and a fantastic journey, making you go further to paradise. His book, a painted picture like on the Emerald Isle, offers fun, culture, and scenery in equal measure for all readers.

Published: 30th November 2015
Publisher: Author House

I am a strong believer in positivity and in the principle that if you connect yourself with strong ethics and morals, if you aim to be good and genuine in everything you do, if you care for others, and if you recognise and respond to the need for trust, honesty, and care in all relationships that you hold, then you will live your life to its full potential; you will give to society and gain personally. I have written a number of books that build on this principle, that follow the idea that “once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones; you'll start having positive results,” Willie Nelson. These book titles include “Standing in Pain Stronger than Before,” “Betrayals and Jealousy,” and “Journey of Hope: The Games Are Over.” This book, the fourth in my collection, continues to build on the ideals of basic morals and ethics but focuses them towards friendship. In this book, I explore what friendships are and why they are important. I move on to look at what happens when friendships end, either positively or negatively, and how to manage the loss of such friendships in as emotionally stable a way as possible. The value and importance of friendship is explored, with key chapters focusing on the longevity of friendship and the ease at which those who love and care for you the most can be lost when the status of an individual changes.




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