From the Bottom to the Top Volume One

Book Cover: From the Bottom to the Top Volume One
Part of the From the Bottom to the Top series:
ISBN: 9781456774691
Size: 6x9 in
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781456774707
Size: 6x9 in
Pages: 112

This book "From the Bottom to The Top," presents a challenging educational thought to the mind for all readers. Being able to read this book at first hand and seeing the parent and child (Larry) relationship can be very challenging, though interesting and educational. In fact, it is simply a sensible recognition that, for a limited period, we need to put in some extra quality time and effort in consolidating all our moral and natural resources to achieve a worthy goal, starting at the bottom and finishing at the top line.What might parents do to help ease the tension between them and their children? How can they motivate their children to be more successful and get to the top? How about your self-esteem? How can you empower yourself to be your best? How can you prevent them from getting underneath your skin? To these and other questions, Part I of this book offers a practical, "what to do with Larry story," hands-on approach.Part I of this book concludes brilliantly and impressively, leaving me in a state of insatiable yearning for the continuation of the rest of the book, to find out how Larry got to the top from the bottom. I just cannot wait to read the ensuing parts of this book "From the Bottom to the Top." By Mr. Peter Cole

Published: 30th March 2011
Publisher: Author House

I wrote “From the Bottom to the Top”, at the vigorous age of forty. It was as if a spigot had been opened, and other books have come pouring out ever since: twenty, to be exact, not counting one. Each time people have asked me what I hoped to achieve as a young man, as if I generally had a grand strategy in mind. The truth is, I wrote them not out of strategy, but simply because each book has said, “write me”. However hard I might be to define, there was such a thing as “From the Bottom to the Top”, and this principle has shaped and is reflected in my life. Our parents taught us some wonderful values: to respect others, to appreciate the good in people and to show tolerance for differences of opinion. As we grew, we watched them making life together, facing each challenge with new resilience. We were determined to be like them in many ways and I believe have achieved this by incorporating their passed on values and principles into our lives. Together with our own children I can proudly say we are a well-knitted, happy family which stands testament to this fact. However, I believe a more complex explanation is in order. The title of this one makes it sound like “From the Bottom to the Top”. I worry the sound may be misleading. The fact that my route “From the Bottom to the Top, will be in three volumes won’t allow me to write the same book over and again, no matter how commercially smart it might be to do so. All three of my volume books are quite different from each other. With the perspective of age, I’ve come to realise that in their own unique ways, they have all been attempts to work out the same complex set of hidden themes. Looking back, I recently discerned that I have been wrestling with these themes as far back as I can remember. This book is a call for the healing of relationships, a call away from a moral that thinks the law is still outside of us and that we need to be pressured to obey it; a call away from the assumption that professional training equips people better than godliness to speak powerfully into people’s lives.

Story of a man called Larry

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