From the Bottom to the Top Volume Two

Book Cover: From the Bottom to the Top Volume Two
Part of the From the Bottom to the Top series:
ISBN: 9781907011429
Size: 6x9 in
Pages: 182

There are many individuals who run their own businesses who are always looking for imaginative ideas and useful advice to elevate them from the place they are at now to the place they want to be. This is because many people know what they want, yet the "how to get there" part remains elusive. Many a great accomplishments would have started at the bottom. The bottom being the place where you had no prior skills, knowledge or experience. Every accomplishment begins with your willingness and acceptance of being at the bottom-unaccomplished yet reaching high. Not willing to submit if they fail reaching to the top at the bottom is one reason why many people don't make it to the top. They never gave themselves a fair shot because they don't want to risk failure and they don't like feeling unaccomplished. It's more comfortable to stay where they are even if that means staying stuck wondering what if. There is no formula for moving forward toward an accomplishment you desire. We all start from the bottom from our parents. However, some of us are lucky and are given the right start in life. Education is the key element of where we start from. If you have been given the choice, than we all have a choice to choose to get to the top. You just begin at the bottom and motive yourself to move to the top. The drive that helps motive you is your own determination and will to get there! How much do you want it?

Published: 5th June 2013
Publisher: Esteemworld Publications

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