Standing in Pain – Stronger Than Before: Betrayals and Jealousy

Book Cover: Standing in Pain – Stronger Than Before: Betrayals and Jealousy
ISBN: 1468582836
Size: 5x9 in
Pages: 80

Given the imperfections of our society and the apparent downward spiral of spiritual and moral values seen in recent years; loving, caring and respecting someone has almost become a thing of the past. Indeed, these once natural emotions and reactions to one another seem to have diminished so rapidly that even finding true, loyal friends, acquaintances and family members who support and encourage you and who partake in your successes can be difficult. Perhaps I am too critical when I say this but maybe it's because it is this context in which I consider the following true story of a man who felt significant pain, and reflects the context in which I have endured my own pain over time. This book has been difficult for me to write. There are sections where I will be explaining certain things to you, the reader, about my very own thoughts and feelings regarding the hurtful insinuations and malicious gossip certain people have spread around about me to try and discredit me and bring about my downfall. You will find that I haven't mentioned any 'real' names or named places of where events have taken place. Instead I have gathered together information on the situations I have endured, and of those that apply to the story provided here - that of a man who felt immense pain, How deeply we who love the Lord God desire to follow him and draw strength from him in order to gain power to surmount all the difficulties and test and conflicts in life in the same exultant and triumphant way that he had previously displayed. To learn the secret of 'victorious living' has been the heart's desire of those who love the Lord God, in every generation. We who follow God all strive to help victims find hope and victory here on this earth and during this life. We hope that through our input, they will be able to always react to evil, tribulation, sorrow, pain and every negative situation that they experience in such a way that allows them to.

Published: 4th June 2012
Publisher: Author House

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